About Us

MASCA Tasmania is the MASCA state-level student representative council for the state of Tasmaia in Australia. MASCA Tasmania is a non-profit organisation run by students for students. We are a multiracial and multicultural organisation, depicting the true spirit of Malaysia.

MASCA Tasmania is neither a club nor a society, but a council. The Council consists of elected representatives of over 1,000 Malaysian student community instate of Tasmania in Australia. The Council members are elected by the affiliates of MASCA Tasmania or better known as Malaysian student organisations (MSOs)

MASCA Tasmania was formed to represent and serve the interests and welfare of the Malaysian student community in Australia. As the peak representative student council for almost half of the Malaysian students in Australia, MASCA Tasmania inevitably plays the national leadership role for the 22,000 Malaysian students in Australia. We organise national-level-projects in concert with National Council of MASCA and our state counterparts.

Cover Illustration - Downtown: The Hustle and Bustle by Darrell Choong